Innovate with us in an open lab environment.

Campus operations at Penn State Behrend are continuing on a limited basis, in accordance with evolving federal guidance and statewide coronavirus mitigation plans announced by Gov. Tom Wolf. All classes will be delivered remotely through the end of the spring semester.

The college’s Junker Center and Lilley Library are closed until further notice.

You Own The IP

The intellectual property (IP) policy for companies partnering with Penn State in Knowledge Park is simple: If you pay for the project, you own the IP. That’s the rule rather than the exception, intended to flatten barriers to innovation in our industry-academic partnerships.

You Tap Into Our Talent

Knowledge Park is designed for organizations looking to develop partnerships with Penn State, with other like-minded companies, and other institutions of higher education in order to accelerate their competitive advantage. The park brings forward-thinking organizations together with faculty, staff, and students providing access to interns, part- and full-time employees, and fundamental and applied research.

You Get Our Labs

Penn State Behrend has state-of-the-art laboratory facilities that are available to our industry partners. Better yet, we have people here who know how to run and maintain the machines in order to maximize efficiency during projects. We have our own machine shop and highly skilled technicians on-site. Below is a sampling of the labs and equipment available, and our capabilities are growing every day.